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The SERP is No Longer Only Ruled by Being #1

More recent data has shown that the click-through rate of a website is not solely influenced by search ranking position. 

While ranking higher up in a series of search results remains important, there are other factors to focus on that will increase your websites click-through
rate. Some of these components include: local packs, carousel results, knowledge graphs, and rich snippets. 

Having your business registered with Google places is pivotal to getting the benefits of these features. The Google local pack offers local search result
answers in a group of three businesses with the name, address, and a quick link to a map. This immediately focuses the results a user is exposed to.
Carousel results, or the list of Google results that runs across the top of the SERP horizontally, are another way in which local businesses are presented.
The way in which users glance through these results and choose to click on one over another involves a different process relating to the information
provided through your Google places page, such as rating and a representative image. The knowledge graph is a type of information display providing a certain amount of semantic search information gathered from a number of sources. 

Finally, rich snippets are that little bit of extra information that is listed under each result on the SERP. By creating more pointed and useful rich snippets, you are more likely to look appealing to those scanning the SERP. Overall in the new dynamic environment of the SERP, when you broaden your focus beyond just keyword optimization, you can really boost your click-through rate.

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