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The Power of Video in E-commerce

What is it exactly that product videos offer to consumers when shopping online? 

First and foremost, videos are an opportunity to see a product in action, in the hands of a person just like them. Seeing a product in use in video format
can reduce return rates along with consumer hesitation by giving visual information about a product and confirmation of what an individual will look
like with the product in his or her possession. 

Furthermore, videos are themselves very useful in website rankings and overall dissemination of content. Videos are easy to share with other potential
users. A business might make videos about a product just to put it on display or to offer further information about it. Videos can be used in both
outside marketing and inside sales. They can and should be shared on social media platforms and beyond. While a product like clothing might warrant
just a short video displaying look and design, a toy or educational tool might be better served by a longer video explaining all the potential benefits
and features. Another example of a possible product video is to explain the origin of a product, for example, how is it made? why was it first made?
Anything that you think is important about your product is likely of interest to your consumer and is entertaining  and engaging when promoted
in video format. 

Videos on e-commerce sites can seriously improve the experience of shopping online and help provide more information usually available when shopping in-store.
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