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The Importance of Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords inherently offer more information than a keyword alone; therefore, they are perfectly suited to more specific content search methods. 

The average person using a search engine, like Google, is significantly better at finding what they are looking for compared to a decade ago. This has
something to do with clearer and more specific searching. Long tail keywords mimic this specificity on the websites themselves, therefore making them
more likely to be relevant to a user’s search. 

The best way to start trying to find long tail keywords that are most relevant to your website and business is to use the data provided by Google Analytics
and Webmaster Tools. There is an abundance of information out there for you to use regarding user data and how it relates to your product. You can
also begin to monitor forum and social media content about your business, along with any customer service interactions. 

Website content creators should think of long tail keywords as similar to natural speech and therefore similar to how individuals search. The content strategy
to use should aim to include long tail keywords incorporating a range of phrases and usages. This will seem more natural and less planned. Furthermore,
if a very specific search brings a user directly to your business website, the chances are greater that they will become and remain a customer. With
a high specificity search, a close matching site will elicit trust. 

Another indispensable method to use long tail keywords on your site is to include them in blog posts. As a regularly updated feature, a blog is an excellent
way to boost content about a certain product or aspect of business, and a great way to include links back into your own site. As a potential blog post,
use a real world story about a customer. Turn some positive feedback you received into a story and post it as a blog. This increases the immediacy
of positive feedback, includes long tail keywords about your product, and is entertaining to readers. 

No matter how you do it, don’t over do it. Otherwise, using long tail keywords and variations of those key search phrases is an excellent way to boost
SEO in line with the demands of search engines and search engine users today.

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