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The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Automation

Follow these guidelines to properly attract new customers and keep old ones. 

  • Don’t only use marketing automation with your current marketing strategy without revision. It is easy to fall into the trap of setting your current goals into the new platform of automation. However, it is pivotal to assess whether there might be a better strategy to use marketing automation toward. While you might discover that your original route was the best one, verifying that this is the case is crucial. 
  • Don’t send out over-generalized messages. The main benefit of marketing automation is elimination of the need for broadly themed messages. The problem remains that contacts that are too broad will be deleted by those you send it to and cause annoyance. 
  • Don’t forget who it is you are selling to. Getting caught up in bringing in new clientele is easy to do. However, you don’t want to forget those loyal customers that are already engaged with your business, or you risk losing their loyalty. These individuals are in fact the most likely to continue to bring in revenue. 
  • Do use marketing automation alongside your inbound strategy for marketing. Inbound marketing strategy ought to offer your clientele the information that they need at the appropriate time. Marketing automation is a shoe-in for boosting these lines of communication. 
  • Do send out content that is extremely specific to a very narrow audience to whom it applies. Think about the perspective of the customer you are looking to engage and send out content that is useful to someone in that position. Your customers probably want new information that is related to their previous engagements, taking them one step further in the buying process. 
  • Do use the inherent power of customer campaigns to keep current and new customers coming back for more. Maintaining customers that are already engaged with your business is by far the simplest way to maintain and even boost revenue. In order to grow your business, keep customer engagement high with regular messages that are known to be for customers only. This content can educate them further about your company and encourage them to remain in touch. 

Marketing automation is about nurturing your customers, satisfying their needs, and staying on track with them, one step ahead as they become more and more engaged with your product and your business.