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The Benefits and Uses of Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling is often used by social network websites, event sites (for purchasing tickets for concerts or sporting events), or streaming sites (such as Netflix). This type of website design fosters continual viewing by making more information enticing and accessible. 

When a user gets to what seems to be the bottom of the page, there is a button suggesting that there is more content. This prompt might be “Next” or “More”
or anything else you choose. When the user clicks on this prompted link, more information immediately appears below and allows for more scrolling in
addition to what has already been viewed—hence “infinite scrolling.”   

The major benefit of infinite scrolling is the ease of it. Someone who is in a hurry and trying to quickly view as much information (or as many pages of
product) as possible is more likely to click on one of these prompts than to click to move to an entirely new page. First, this might be because of
the association with having to wait for a new page to load and the time that will take. Second, this could be because with infinite scrolling, the
viewer does not lose the information already seen because they never leave the page they have been on the whole time. For these reasons infinite scrolling
both appeals to the convenience of the user and steers toward a more thorough experience. By incorporating this tool in your website design where appropriate,
you will lead your customers to remain on your site for longer periods of time and provide the most information simultaneously as possible. This newer
technique of website presentation is simple and pleasing to those using it.