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Test Your Links

Have you ever been in a hurry traveling and then suddenly found yourself at a road closure or detour? It can be a pretty frustrating experience. Imagine being on a website and finding a product you like, or information you want to read more about, but when you click the link its not working. This will cause you to lose visitors in a hurry. It is an important element of website testing to check all links site wide to ensure that they work and that they lead where you intend them to. Link destinations may also change over time, so it is an important piece of site maintenance to check links on a regular basis to ensure they haven’t changed or broken.  Additionally, be sure links are set up to function the way you want them to. It is best practice to set up links that navigate away from your site so that they open in a new window. If you do not do this you may inadvertently lose visitors to other sites you are promoting without providing them a way to navigate back to your site easily. Test all links on your site on at least a semi-annual basis.

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