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Techniques For Creating Engaging Headlines

The click through rate of a google result is heavily impacted by the title you are using. While you might be mislead in thinking that you want to focus solely on embedding keywords and other SEO strategies within your title, the most important feature of any title or headline is that it entices users to click on it. Ample
research has been conducted to find out what makes certain headlines more appealing than others. Just as a great story gets passed from one person
to the next, the optimal headline intrigues people using the same hook on emotions and amusement. We would like to suggest five tips for writing headlines
that pull people in and increase CTR.

  1. Hinting at the format of your webpage. One great way to hook users and get them to click on your headline is giving away the format
    of the article they are about to read. While it does not really matter what the format ultimately is, telling your potential audience what they
    are in for can be a great way to get them interested. People love lists and also love knowing how long their attention will be held for. 

  2. Harness the emotion of your page. Using attractive words that evoke emotion and interest is another great tactic for improving CTR
    on a headline. Using adjectives such as funny, inspiring, surprising, and so on is a sure way to catch users’ interest. Everyone loves an intriguing
    story and adding these descriptive words to your headline will get them to keep investigating. 

  3.  Give away the type of content you have. The best headlines expose the type of content that a user is about to see. Whether you
    are using images, charts, quires, tips, hacks, or videos, let the user know what they are about to experience and they will be more likely to click. 

  4.  Make a promise that you can stick to. Giving your readers something they will accomplish will encourage them to read your content.
    Promoting improvement, guidance, advice, or tips can be an excellent way to gain interest. As always, make sure that you are keeping your promise.
    A good promise is the perfect way to make what you are presenting to your audience useful to them in a way they cannot deny. 

  5.  Immediately offer your targeted topic. The reason a person is looking for a website in the first place is likely a specific
    topic. Specifying the topic that your content is targeting within your headline is an obvious, but important, way to boost CTR. Understanding your
    business, your audience, and what your audience wants from your business will help you target the best topic within your headlines.
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