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Target Your Fans with Facebook Ads For Higher CTR

While the idea of advertising is to increase the number of consumers of your business, it is not a matter of generalized methods. Facebook provides a one-of-a-kind approach to reaching millions of potential consumers very quickly. However, often businesses do not use Facebook to their advantage because they lack a targeted strategy.

A mistake can be made when creating Facebook advertisements to target individuals who are not yet fans of your business. This tendency comes from a logical
place—that you want to get more consumers and so why would you target people already aware of your business. Increasing numbers overall is certainly
important, but by targeting existing fans, click-through conversions can increase by up to 700%. 

The more relevant an advertisement is to you, the greater the likelihood that you will take notice of it and click to find out more information. The most
relevant audience is comprised of those individuals already listed as fans of your business on Facebook. This audience knows what you do and likes
it, meaning they may already be customers or are very close to trying your product. 

If a credit card company targets those who do not have their credit card, how is it of any use? A user will be much more likely to click on and gain benefit
from an ad when they already have access to the product. There is still room for fans to convert to leads and sales, as targeted Facebook ads have
been shown to increase conversions by up to 400%. 

Develop an advertising strategy directed to existing Facebook fans and exclude custom audiences created from Lead and Sales email lists. Taking advantage
of this informed and relevant audience will inevitably increase your click-through rates.

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