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Take the time to Wireframe

At web design agencies like Champ, we love a good wireframe. Sometimes the wireframing process can be difficult to understand for a client. You may think “what on earth am I garnering from this grey sheet of grids and lines?”

However, a wireframe is an important step to help your web design team make you happy as soon as possible in the design and revision process. The placement
of images and text has an impact on what types of images (silhouettes, full color, black and white, etc.) and what fonts and other graphics are going
to serve the functionality of your site best. Starting out with a framework where you can agree on how large images are, where they are placed, roughly
how much written content will be present, where your CTAs will go, etc., will save bundles of time, and thus, money, in your design process.

Often a wireframe helps us discover that our initial ideas about the appropriate number of CTAs or images was off. Or perhaps you imaged a large banner
image at the top of your page and your designer was envisioning a split block with a small image and large CTA. Using the simple outline of a wireframe
can help your vision come to life and ensure that as you get to the design process, your designer knows exactly what your vision looks like so they
can create it for you.

Carefully consider all of the elements in a wireframe first, and you will likely get to the design finish line faster than if you try to race there.

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