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Subheads are essential to reader engagement

Often, a great deal of time and effort will be put into coming up with a catchy and enticing headline for online content. This is certainly important and can be the very reason someone chooses to read your blog or article in the first place. However, almost as critical are the headlines you write to break up your piece of writing and keep viewers from scanning through it too quickly. In short, its great if you have hooked them in, but you also need them to stay.

Here are some key features to keep in mind when coming up with your subheaders:

  • Make sure they make sense. Use them as an outline that guides your reader through, while letting the viewer know just what they stand to get out of each subsection. 
  • Focus on the main points you are trying to display in your writing and place them throughout your piece. This will break up the monotony of a longer work of writing, while consistently catching the attention of your reader concerning what is coming up next. It might help to think of each subheader you insert as a subheadline. 
  • Use language in writing subheaders that is attention grabbing and helps the article or blog flow more smoothly. 
  • Using a parallel structure can be a nice way to remain consistent, while making the flare of your subheaders stand out. 
  • Use command verbs at the front of your subheader.  Try This, or Do This, or Use This are excellent ways to clinch the readers attention and increase his or her desire to read more. 
  • Try to use your subheaders as an outline for your work. You could even write them first to help yourself make all the points you are hoping to make and maintain the structure you are striving for. 

This can be a great way to really keep yourself on track, while making your readers want to stay on track too. Using subheaders is a great way to break up a longer piece of writing and help keep your readers attention. Try them out today!

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