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Creating engaging posts for more activity on your social media site can be as challenging sometimes as a teacher trying to get students to engage in a class.  It can become very difficult trying to post things all the time that jump out at your customers and make them want to engage in a dialogue with you.  There are a few different tactics you can use when creating a strategy that will build more activity with your posts.  One is that studies show when using a photo you are more likely to have people comment on posts, like them, or even share them.  Using an interesting image to pull someone in can help when trying to get people to engage more with your posts. When using an image, you can also do a type of vote by asking people to like or share the image.  For example, if you’re a bakery you might put an image up of a chocolate chip cookie and a raisin cookie.  Then, ask your fans if they like chocolate chip cookies better hit like and if they like raisin better to share it. Another way you can help people take notice to your posts is to use your own customer’s content.  Give them a shout out for something they may have posted or shared.  Another simple way to help get your customers involved is to query them with a question.  People will be more likely to engage with this type of post rather then just answer it for themselves. They like to discuss among the posts what the “right” answer is. A last way to really help create some activity on your page is using hash tags.  When doing this you can search hash tags being used by your customers, partners, and competitors. Using hash tags can help create awareness and a lot of engagement.