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Squeeze More Value From Your Content By Repurposing It

There is a lot to be said for repurposing your blog content. By presenting a topic you have already written about in a new or spruced up way, you can reach a new audience simply by using a different medium or by increasing the number of viewers you can accumulate. Additionally,
repurposing gives you the chance to bring back some of your favorite stories, as well as your best-written work. Certain content just deserves more
attention, and by blogging it again you are allowing it to gain more momentum. We suggest these eight ways to best repurpose your content: 

  1. Turn a “How To” blog post into a “Guide To” blog post. Take an instructional blog post from your past and revamp it to be a complete
    guide for accomplishing the task at hand. 
  2. Use your own data analytics to inform your fans. Take a particular posting or feature of your website and run the data. Then, communicate
    that data to your fans through your blog. This is an interesting way to include your users in your own development. 
  3. Offer up a PowerPoint presentation. Maybe there is a particular topic that you have lectured on or blogged about in the past. Post
    the information again, but this time use a PowerPoint presentation. This creates an organized way to show what you know, and sets you up to use
    the slides in other contexts as well. 
  4. Take an interview and make it a pamphlet or ebook. Interviews are a lot of fun to read, and they often contain advice or useful information
    regarding the person being interviewed. You can repurpose this into a downloadable medium for those who might have missed the actual interview. 
  5. Use any images you have posted and create a Pinterest page. This harnesses the power of visuals and allows you to move traffic to
    your site directly from the Pinterest website. 
  6. Put images you have into infographics. Everyone loves a good infographic. What simpler way is there to get your information across?
    Taking statistics available on a certain topic or images you used in a post, you can recycle an old topic in this new and eye-catching medium. 
  7. Turn your blog post into a newsletter. Offer each of your users the chance to receive a weekly newsletter depicting the topics you
    are blogging about. This will draw them in more directly and is a great way to nudge people to visit your website. 
  8. Make a podcast from your blogging. Changing your medium from visual to audio in this way is an excellent chance to gain a new audience.
    Additionally, you will be able to learn quickly which information is best presented in which way. 

The important thing to remember about repurposing blog content is to only do so with material that remains relevant and popular. Steer clear of outdated
information or blog posts that really did not perform well the first time around. If you stick to that rule, and choose some of the great methods we
suggest above, you are bound to get extra value from your repurposed blogs.

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