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Spring Seasonings 2016

Champ was proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Spring Seasonings event, produced by the Newton-Needham Chamber. This unique tasting event brought together 40 of Newton and Needham’s best restaurants to showcase their most popular dishes, hosted at the Boston Marriott Newton. From cocktails, beer, and wine to salmon, steak, and cupcakes – there was something for everyone to

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite pictures from the evening below.

We had an opportunity to present a gift to the exhibitors. A “recipe” for our signature dish: Creating an Online Presence with Unique Flavor.

The event “menu” for the night.

Specialty drinks from O’Hara’s.

Standing room only near the Capital Grille.

Serving up Legal Seafoods famous New England Clam Chowder.

Macaroni & Cheese taken to a new level at The Local.

Too many topping choices at Cabot’s.

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