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Spotlight on Millennials: Easy Ways to Harness Your Network and Expand Your Influence

Nowadays, there’s much talk of marketing to millennials, but there are fewer resources available for the millennials involved in content management. As the children of the baby boom enter the marketing sector with increasing frequency, it’s imperative that these young professionals are armed with the techniques necessary to make a splash. After all, the Internet’s huge, and most millennials feel like little fish in a big pond. Read on for easy ways to change that frustrating dynamic.

Ditch the Business Card

Today, the majority of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase, and most spend more than seventy days researching options before they invest. It’s critical, then, that marketers stand out – and in the digital realm, the business card just won’t cut it. Instead, seek out unique new online platforms that are still growing, and shape your presence there. For example, marketers who harnessed Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine early on saw massive growth within their brands in a short period of time.

Look for a Network Everywhere

Gone are the days of stodgy networking, contrived coffee dates, and forced conversations at the golf course. Today, networking happens everywhere, anytime. Formal networking events can be a great way to broaden your scope, but these types of occasions aren’t your only opportunities to gab. Instead, keep your eyes open for prospects and contacts anywhere you go – the kids’ soccer game, the house party down the street, the book club, and even the occasional cultural event. A quick, informal conversation can be really effective – especially if you’ve already bonded over shared interests, like children or church.

Don’t be afraid to seek out mentors, too – trusted individuals with the experience you crave. A mentorship need not be a full-time job, but it’s worth having a reliable resource you can check in with during moments of doubt.

Harness YouTube

The modern consumer is more visually oriented than ever before, and video content is a terrific way to harvest the public’s love for video. YouTube videos are free and easy to search for, and edge, high-production content will likely earn you repeat customers. That’s because consumers are looking for a 360-degree brand experience they can trust – one that involves performing research and gathering information. To make your mark, empower your audience with high-quality, informative video content they can sink their teeth into.

Appeal to Emotions for Hypersensitive Marketing

Most content marketers realize that emotional intelligence plays a critical role in brand recognition, credibility, and sales. Consider honing your content to encompass an emotionally relevant topic, like a social issue that everyone can get behind. You may want to avoid content that’s too politically charged, but it pays to springboard content off a newsworthy topic, like animal rights.

Keep your Eye on the Prize

For many millennials, entering the job market is a daunting challenge – and making a lasting mark is even more formidable. But it pays to focus on your successes and gains, however small, because they’ll empower you to keep focused. Make a note of any wins, and allow yourself a moment of satisfaction every time you execute a successful new tactic. Staying positive is the key to success, so don’t lose track of what’s really at stake – a career of integrity, innovation, and inspiration, built over years, not mere moments.

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