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Spend Your Advertisement Funds Targeting iOS

As a business, advertisements are an indispensable part of success. 

What is the most important part of an advertisement? That it is effective in bringing customers into your business. Therefore, knowing the most profitable avenue of advertisement investment is on top of any business agenda. In the world of technology, there are two major conglomerates that dominate computer technology – PC and Mac. This divide translates to Android and iOS for the more prominent interface of smartphones. Advertising through these two operating systems is a daily occurrence for any company that can afford to do so. The question remains, on which system is it better to focus funding? Where does most of the profit come from?

A study conducted by Nanigans, one of the largest ad buyers for Facebook, concluded that Facebook advertisements shown on iOS are 1,790% more profitable
to businesses than those on Android. The study reported that both revenues per click and returns on investment averages 6.1 and 17.9 times higher on
iOS than on Android, respectively. While this data is specific to retail advertisements, as the specialty of Nanigans, the results are important to

Generally, advertising on iOS can cost more upfront. However, this appears to be well worth the payout as the returns for those advertisements are so much
higher than those put out on Android. Even a more recent study conducted by Opera Mediaworks, showed Android as coming out on top in terms of mobile
ad impressions (42.8% vs. 38.2% for iOS), but still failing in terms of dominating ad revenue. iOS ad revenue was at 52% while Android just reached
a revenue of 33.5%. The profit clearly resides in iOS marketing.

While the most profit is to be gained by advertisements in both iOS and Android formats, realistically, most businesses cannot afford to constantly target
both. For the most bang for your buck in mobile ads, the data suggests directing attention to iOS, rather than Android.

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