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Speed is the Name of the Game

While look and content are definitely important in the web design game, loading speed must not be forgotten. 

Even Google accounts for loading speed in its search-ranking algorithm. Beyond that, loading speed is incredibly important when it comes to user satisfaction.
The biggest factor in how fast or slow a site loads is size. Let’s figure out how best to make a site faster.

  1. Images take up a lot of space over bandwidth. Optimize your images, first by scaling them appropriately. What this does not mean is using a scaled down image using CSS, as this still results in your browser loading the original size. Before uploading an image, scale it down. Another way to optimize images on your site is to compress them using an online tool. 
  2. Enable browser caching so that some of your site’s data gets stored on the user’s computer. This eliminates the need for them to wait for everything to reload each time they visit. 
  3. Similar to using a zip file, use compression to drastically change the size of your website. You could minimize the size of your site by up to 70% using compression. Just think of how much faster this would make the loading speed. You will have to look at your webserver and its settings to set up compression guidelines. 
  4. By optimizing your CSS, you will decrease the time it takes the user to download it, and therefore your site in general. With an optimized CSS, your files will download at a faster speed and users will gain much quicker access to your website pages. How, you ask? Get rid of any extra code and minimize your files. Your CSS might already be minimized, as some do this automatically. If not, you can find services online for free. 
  5. Finally, if you put your Javascript files at the bottom of your page, then those scripts will load after page content. Should they be at the beginning, then the page itself will not load until these are complete, delaying the whole process. 

What do we know to be true? People want things fast. How do we make people happy? Do not let them wait. What do we do about it? Use the above tips to save some serious loading time for your site. Good luck!

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