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Speaking Engagements, A Brand Booster

Particularly for small businesses, speaking engagements should be part of your overall branding and marketing strategy and they are many times overlooked. 

Every great business has great minds behind it. Encouraging your business leaders to speak on their expertise at relevant conferences and events is an
excellent opportunity to highlight your company’s strengths to a wide audience. Such engagements often lead directly to new business, and even if they
don’t, they are an opportunity to create lasting connections that can help to grow your business and your brand over time.

Speaking opportunities should be supported by other materials establishing the individual thought leaders within your company. Key members of your team
may want to have business-focused pages on social media profiles, and they absolutely should author content on your blog, in articles, white papers,
and beyond. Through this outreach you can build a network of trust in the names behind your brand. It is easier to trust people than companies. Let
the great minds in your company serve as ambassadors to your brand and grow your network.

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