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Smart Headers for Better SEO

Google is constantly changing its algorithm to improve search results for its users and to lesson businesses ability to “trick the system”. 

There was a time when simply placing keyphrases in your meta data was enough to achieve high results in search. Things have since become much more complex, however, header tags are still of great importance to your SEO.

When Google’s spiders crawl your site, they are looking to see what your content is all about.  The words you place in your H1 and H2 tags are treated as especially important, as they typically serve as an indication of what all of the paragraphs below are about if your content is structured correctly. Thus, Google emphasizes these words in determining what your content is about and how it is relevant to searches.  Including your focus keyphrases in these tags is important to ranking for those words. Make sure that the content that follows is clear and relevant to the keyphrases in question and you are well on your way to a properly optimized page.

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