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Say the Right Thing — Different Audience, Different Message

Arguably, the most important part of maintaining a website is to actually target the population you want to target. Otherwise, you will lose those on which your product thrives—the consumers. 

Some websites look to target a more global audience, while others aim to focus in on a local market. When adding content to the pages within your website,
you want to write with a clear goal in mind. Who will be searching for your site? What kind of language will be most appealing and understandable to
those who need your services? How do you make a user feel welcome and guided so that they return again? These are important questions to ask yourself
in designing a site and writing new content. 

Perhaps you aim to draw in a scholarly population looking for researched information to guide them in their professional life all over the country. Or,
you might be looking to offer a much needed service, like heating, to a small area of one state, like the Metrowest area of Massachusetts. You
can utilize tools such as the appearance of the specific links by using different fonts, colors, or buttons; you can space text or more or leave it
text heavy in certain areas; you could have more visual stimuli like videos, charts, or images. There are ways in which to direct the content of your
website to the specific audience you hope to have involved. The message your site relays will differ depending on who is reading it – cater to your
user and you will ensure keeping their interest!