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Rich Answers are on the Rise

A rich answer is when Google generates an answer to a search that attempts to lead the searcher directly to the result queried for, rather than requiring that the searcher click through a resulting site in order find the targeted answer or page. 

Google has been noted to get 75% of the information that it compiles into rich answers from external data, and more often then not it provides a link to
the original site. Due to this, being a part of a rich answer is a quick and reliable way to increase traffic to your site. The best part? You can
reach this goal no matter your current ranking status. We offer four easy steps for getting there. 

First, take your target topic and get informed about the commonly searched questions. In this way, you will identify relevant long tail keywords of importance.
Second, write content that is an answer to the questions you found in the first step. Within this content you will want to focus on structure. Include
both the question itself and the answer. Third, make sure that what you write is incredibly focused and relevant to the question at hand. You want
to add something helpful and even new to the question being asked, as this will put you in the position of being the best answer available. Finally,
ensure that your website content is simple enough for the Google bots to find it. You cannot guarantee being ranked as a rich answer if the people
and engines looking for material cannot find you. By making an effort to create niche answers to specific questions, you can put yourself at an enormous
advantage in Google rankings.

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