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Rankings Via Link Juice

This term “link juice” is the term commonly used to describe the amount of impact an inbound link gives to your search rankings. Every link that other websites post in order to direct users to your site provides your site with a greater amount of authority (the juice).  It tells Google that you have information on your site that other sites deem worth sharing. The more links you have, the more Google views you as an authority, and the more likely it is to give you high rankings. However, quantity is not the most important factor here, rather, you want to get quality links to your site. The more authority or public recognition a linking site has, the more juice that link carries. So, for example, a link from The New York Times or ESPN would be a much juicier link than one from a mom and pop shop up the street. The best way to attract links high in juice is to provide truly relevant and valuable content that users want to share and sites want top grant their users access to. Active link building can help as well, but valuable thought leadership is going to be your best juicer.

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