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QA Is Not Just for Launch

Don’t be frustrated by broken links, errors, or bugs on your website! While careful QA and testing of a new site is absolutely essential, it should not be the only time your website receives a thorough review. 

A well maintained website should be in a state of constant update with new content, images, and pages being added all the time. Even with the testing of
each new page that is added, every change you make to your site opens the door for potential errors.

It is recommended that you conduct a full review of your entire site at least once per year. Click every link, fill out every form, read all of the language.
You want to be sure that elements like your copyright, privacy policy, and site map are up-to-date. This type of review will ensure that your site
is always in top condition and will also remind you to identify places where enhancements might make sense or where content could use some updating.

Whenever possible, have someone who does not constantly work on your site conduct the QA review. Fresh eyes will be more likely to provide valuable insight
into ways the site can be improved. Keep your website fresh, accurate and functioning at its best so that it can help you to grow your business.

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