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Providing the In-store Experience Online

What is the one element online shopping is most obviously lacking? The ability to hold a product in your hand, feel it, touch it, and try it out. 

In order to make up for this unavoidable problem, e-commerce markets must offer excellent visuals of products. High-resolution photographs, zoomed in images, rotating viewpoints, and detailed descriptions can all help put a customer at ease. To take it a step further, websites can have videos of the products with people interacting with the item. This allows consumers to see the product in use and gain perspective on what it might be like if they were able to hold it in their hands. Additionally, the more details provided, the better. There are the standard pieces of information e-commerce pages will include, but going above and beyond these will increase customer confidence. Don’t make the customer work for the information available, make extra detail available right on display. For example, instead of just showing a pair of pants with colors and sizes, offer a sizing chart, describe the content of the fabric, display the care instructions. 

Any additional information you give your customer is one less question they have at the point of check-out. Another clear difference between in-store retail
and online shopping is a lack of associate. With no one to guide your online consumer through the process, how will they be nudged toward checking
out? Customer reviews are extremely useful here. Having the verification of other users freely available serves well as personal reassurance to someone
questioning a product. 

Finally, create an e-commerce experience that holds the hand of the consumer until point of purchase. Promotional information and security clearance are top priority for anyone looking to buy online. Who doesn’t like a coupon to lighten the financial burden of a purchase? By offering deals right on your site you are decreasing the chances of a buyer leaving your site to find a deal elsewhere. Also, by having visual security checkpoints you are reassuring your customers that their information is safe and that you take your business seriously. Take this simple advice and you will make your e-commerce site as good as the in-store experience.

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