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As a business, anything you are posting on social media should have thought behind it and make a point. Focus on posting items that your audience might find useful enough that they want to share it with their friends.  As a business using social media, you want who ever is following you to engage in what you are posting. The more people engage, the more you will start getting marketed to their friends. With the current set up of Facebook, not everyone who likes your page will see your content, unless they specifically elect to, or you post something that gets a lot of attention.  The more attention it gets, the more Facebook will show it to users. This doesn’t mean that every time you post something it has to be a prize giveaway for one of your company’s products, but you want to stay in the area of posting things that users find valuable and think their friends should know about too. Even sharing an interesting post by another company is helpful because they may share something of yours too. Making your content engaging and enjoyable, with a variety of post types such as videos, helpful articles, blog posts, etc, will keep folks coming back for more and will help you to build your audience organically.

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