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Post on the Regular

Social media is a strong marketing tool in the business world, but it has the potential to hurt your business if not used correctly. When a company posts too frequently, it can make a negative impression on your page visitors. Posting all the time can become very annoying to users, and when the meaningless notifications keep piling up, they may just delete or unlike you.  Once you fall into that category on social media, your page will be known for it for a long time. Posting too little, or very randomly, can also affect users visiting your page and engaging with it. This is why it is very important to find the right cadence of posting for your company. Make sure when you are posting that people are engaging with your posts, and its not just an annoyance to those who may be following you.  Posting creative content that engages the reader is what you should aim for when sharing something on your page (View the tip “Start A Dialogue” for help in that area). Doing this with a regular rhythm is the best way to stay in good standing with your followers, and staying consistent with it will keep you fresh in their mind.