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Planning a Keyphrase Strategy

Consider Every Possibility:

There are billions of people that use the internet every day and hundreds of possible ways to search for the product or service your business offers. As
such, it is vital that you consider every possible keyphrase someone could use. Include as many variations of keyphrases such as plurals, synonyms,
and different word orders.

Stay Organized:

Just like any endeavor, the more organized you are, the more efficient your process becomes. Instead of throwing every keyphrase possible into a mile-long
list, organize them by categories. This kills multiple birds with one stone. First, it is much easier to re-locate keyphrases when they are in bite-sized
lists. Second, it allows you to mirror your site’s architecture to create a smoother transition to the end product.

Start Big, End Small:

Begin your keyphrase strategy by brainstorming very general keywords for your business. This is done for multiple reasons. General terms are simply easier
to brainstorm but even better, these “macro” keywords can eventually lead to multiple options, doubling or tripling your original keyword count. Consider
the below example:


Animal toys


Dog toys


  • Dog chew toys
  • Dog bones
  • Dog rope toys

The more detail you have, the more likely you can have the greatest depth of keyphrases covered in your strategy.

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