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Plan to Avoid Scope Creep

Building a website is a process. The more of the final concept and functionality that can be determined near the beginning of that process, the better result you will get and the more efficient the development will be. At Champ, we always recommend beginning with and in-depth discovery phase. We want to know every idea the client has about their site and what their likes/dislikes are. It’s important to ask many questions at this stage and flesh out details as much as possible.

Once the concept is underway, designs should be created and approved. This is the phase where the client should be tweaking and melding the site into exactly what they want. Only when design is really and truly final should development commence. With the final design you should have a complete functional specification outlining how every element of the site should work. This will make the development and coding of your site a smooth process with a defined scope.

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