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4 Basic Marketing Strategies for Boat Dealers: Boosting Your Boating & Marine Business

It’s no secret that the boating and marine industry is a fiercely competitive one. Whether you’re in a region where the boating season is year-round or not, with the right marketing strategies, you can set yourself apart from your competitors and reel in those customers. In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to […]

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Boating & Marine,Education

You’ve Got Email: 5 Newsletter Examples Designed & Delivered by Champ

Email is an essential part of the day-to-day lives of your customers, and a crucial part of  a smart and effective marketing strategy.  Email is unique in the way it meets your customers where they already are and can be tailored to match what your audience wants to see, explore, and experience the most. Not […]

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Boating & Marine,Education,Jewelry

The Benefits of Local SEO for Restaurants: Tips and Strategies for Success

So you’ve gotten a gist of marketing strategies in place for your business, but what about local SEO? One of the most crucial elements of marketing a restaurant includes localized SEO. Your restaurant business has a set location where guests can go to enjoy your services.  Targeting your SEO strategy to a specific geographic location […]

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Education,Food & Beverage

Top 5 Must-Have Features for Your Restaurant Website

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, a well-designed restaurant website is more than just an online presence; it’s a gateway to the flavors and memorable experiences inside your establishment. A restaurant marketing plan should revolve around your website because it houses your menus, events, contact information, and so much more. As the primary touchpoint for potential […]

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Education,Food & Beverage

5 Ways to Make Your Social Media More Accessible

Photography and videography on social media are powerful ways to market your brand or business. However, it’s important to remember that we all perceive this marketing content differently. Some may have difficulty visualizing certain forms of imagery or content, while others may be impaired in hearing audio or media. The World Health Organization (WHO) states […]

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Diversity & Inclusion,Education

Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Marketers: Which is Better?

There was once a time when the invention of the internet completely spun the world on its head, changing everything about society as we once knew it. Few thought we’d have another invention like that again. Yet, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has proven that to be false. As rapid advancements in AI give us tools […]

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Education,News & Events

Here’s Everything We Know About Threads, Instagram’s Latest Social Media App

If there’s one thing about social media that will always be true it is that it is constantly evolving – and Instagram’s latest social media app, Threads, is reminding us exactly how constant that is. In Meta’s most recent copycat scheme to get a hold of another tech company’s market share (cough, cough, Twitter), Threads […]

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News & Events

Email Marketing Essentials That Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Take a look at your personal inbox. How many of your emails are from people you actually talk to? How many of them are newsletters from businesses and brands you follow (and even some you don’t)? We’re guessing the answer to that second question is – a lot. With 3.8 billion active users, it’s no […]

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