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Page Rank – Where am I?

While Page Rank is not the only algorithm used in determining where you place in Google’s results, knowing your Page Rank can help you to know how much you can improve it, and continually getting your Page Rank and show you what progress has been made in SEO.

Knowing the Page Rank for your website helps to quantify how well your website is doing in the bigger set of all websites and their respective connections
to Google. The gist of the equation is a probability distribution aimed at determining how likely it is a person would end up on your website if randomly
clicking on links throughout the Internet. The more links that your website has, the higher its Page Rank.

The concept of rank popularity as a method of Internet hierarchy was first developed at Stanford University by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. There are a
number of self-run websites that allow you to enter your site and see its Page Rank. Google itself provides a way to check your Page Rank. Within the
Enhanced Features of the Privacy tab within Google Toolbar you can activate the Page Rank setting and get automatic updates on the sites you are viewing.
Companies like Champ are experts at assisting you in boosting your rank status, by both providing the techniques for doing so as well as continuously
proactively working on them. By occasionally getting your current Page Rank, you can first see where you stand and second assess how to improve it.
Then, after putting work into it, you can see the progress you have made. Having a sense of where you stand with your Page Rank is the best way to
take charge of your Internet presence.

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