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Out with the Old and in with the New — Trends of 2016

Online marketing is here for the long haul, and it is constantly changing. 

The average business owner must now contend with managing their marketing in both a physical worldly context as well as on the internet. This means two
ever-changing paths to track in order to remain a viable part of the consumer industry. 

We have done the research and we have some digital trends that are bound to be important throughout 2016. It will be indispensable to continue focusing
on content marketing. The old school methods of marketing will no longer cut it. It can be as simple as having an active blog to raise consumer
leads a significant amount. Additionally, tracking marketing success through the use of analytic techniques is becoming more popular and more necessary.
The amount spent by businesses on collection of marketing data is predicted to increase by more than half, and the data gathered will soon become crucial
for success. 

Marketing through videos is growing and growing. The more quality video media you have throughout your websites, the more competitive you will be and the
better chance you will have against the competition. Humanizing the information you are sharing is another key to bettering your online marketing game.
When content shared on a site is relevant to the consumer, even in response to complaints or inquiries, businesses have been successful in boosting
sales, improving length of stay per visit to the site, and a generally increasing the satisfaction reports of customers. Take it even a step further and instead of only sharing information, tell a story. Storytelling is inherently enticing and will make anything you are trying to tell your audience that much more exciting. Through pictures, text, and videos, be creative in how you tell your story and hook in consumers through this emotional technique. 

Another crucial online marketing technique will continue to grow over the next year is marketing to a smaller, targeted audience. With the level of data
available about internet users and consumers today, compiling a specific advertisement campaign for a particularly defined audience is simple—and
useful. This method results in personalized marketing that is much more likely to retain specific groups of consumers. The outcome of all of these
is the final trend to come in online marketing—boosts in advertising. There is going to be an enormous increase in the amount of advertising
that happens in the online milieu and you don’t want to fall behind by not being a part of it. Get your advertising hats on and gear up for all of
these already started trends predicted to grow in 2016.

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