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Our Favorite Google Chrome Extensions: LastPass

These days it’s hard to remember what you had for lunch yesterday, never mind the username and password from the last time you logged into your medical insurance website! What is the best way to keep all this personal data at your fingertips, but also keep it safe and secure? Adding an extension to your Google Chrome Browser, such as LastPass, is one of the best password manager’s out there. Read on for all the details.



LastPass is an award-winning Google Chrome extension that acts as a password manager. It saves all of your passwords and gives you safe and secure access to your information from all of your devices. With LastPass the only password you’ll ever have to remember again is the one for your LastPass account.

# of users:

2,636,552 (as of 10/6/14)

Used at work or at home?

I use it everywhere. Nowadays between client accounts and personal accounts, there are dozens of log-in credentials that I have to keep track of, and they always seem to be saved in different places. I would never be able to remember them all! LastPass allows me to save all of these passwords in one place and I’m able to create stronger passwords, which in turn gives me more security online.

Why should you get LastPass?

  1. Saves time and frustration: It’s hard to keep track of all of your account information and with LastPass it is all organized in one location.
  2. Safe keeping of passwords, account information, documents and all forms of data.
  3. All the data is stored on the cloud so all you have to do is search for ‘password vault’ from any device or install LastPass extension on your browser. There is also a mobile app that you can upgrade to with LastPass Premium for mobile devices.

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