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Our Favorite Google Chrome Extensions: InvisibleHand

For bargain hunters, shopping online can sometimes be a tedious task. As you scour website after website to find the best deal, the ease of online shopping can turn out to be more frustrating than fun. An easy fix is adding the InvisibleHand extension to your Google browser. As you shop, it comparison shops for you, finding the best deal. Who can object to that?



InvisibleHand is designed to assist with price comparisons when shopping online. Once you add it to your Google browser, it will remain invisible until it sees you shopping online or searching for products in Google. It will then flash a yellow bar across the top of your browser when it discovers the product you are looking for at a better price than the site you are on is offering. The prices update in real-time so you always know you are getting the best deal. It is a great tool for any type of online shopping, even including airfares. In addition, when using the extension in the US it can even find prices meant to be hidden by the retailer from the consumer to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

# of users:

218,000 and counting

Used at work or at home?

I use it the most at home when I am doing personal shopping, but it would be just as useful to folks shopping for office supplies or the best airfare rates for a business trip.

Why should you get InvisibleHand?

Here are a few reasons why this is a “must add” to your Google browser:

  1. The growing web competition between Amazon and other online retailers makes it hard to know if you are getting the best price on products. This views all those retailers at the same time in one place to help you feel confident you are getting the best deal available.
  2. Travel sites can be overwhelming. When shopping discounted airfare sites, some airlines don’t list there so you have to go to multiple sites to be sure to find the best price. This eliminates that problem.
  3. It’s really helpful without being obtrusive. When you aren’t shopping you don’t even know that it’s there.

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