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Our Favorite Google Chrome Extensions: Hootlet

For anyone managing multiple social media campaigns, tools to make the process of sourcing information and posting easier are a must have. Hootsuite, a leader in the social media management, developed a Google Chrome Extension to integrate Google web browsing with social media posting. Read on for all the details.



Hootlet is a free extension to the Chrome browser that brings the power of HootSuite natively into the browser experience. Hootlet is the smartest way to be social while you surf, allowing you to quickly:

  • Search social media alongside your Google search
  • Share while you surf, with one click and without leaving your current window
  • Highlight text to share directly to social media
  • Discover geographically relevant social media with location awareness
  • Share images and videos effortlessly

# of users:

405,195 (as of 10/23/14)

Used at work or at home?

The answer is both. If I see an interesting article or blog post I have to share, I simply click on the Owl button in the top right hand corner, choose the account, and send it out.

Why should you get Hootlet?

  1. Many businesses understand the need for social media marketing, but sometimes don’t have the time to dedicate to it. Using this tool allows social media managers to be more efficient and save time.
  2. Logging in and out of different social media platforms and closing out of browsers to post an article can be annoying and frustrating. With this tool if you come across something you’d like to post, you don’t ever have to leave the page.
  3. Easy scheduling. For example, if you have a Google alert feed set up to send you articles about web design, you may receive 20 articles in one day. This tool allows you to post articles days in advance – quickly. In addition, the extension has an auto-scheduler that can schedule your posts based on the times that people are reading your posts.

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