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Optimizing the Timing of Your E-Newsletter

You might think, a newsletter is a newsletter, people will read it when they have time. However, it has been shown that the day on which a newsletter is sent can drastically impact the thoroughness of it’s reception. 

You may be surprised to learn that, in terms of likelihood to be read, Sunday is the best day to mail your newsletter. While the open rate can be slightly
lower, as people are less likely to be at a computer on a weekend, the time that a reader spends looking at the newsletter actually increases on this
day. After Sunday, the ranking of optimal days to send it are Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Monday is the worst day to send a newsletter,
as people are perhaps their busiest and unwilling to make time to even open it.

Sending an email between the hours of 8am – 10am and 3pm – 4pm are optimal to increase the average number of open rates. MailerMailer’s annual Email Marketing
Metrics Report noted that emails sent earlier in the morning have the highest open rates and those sent specifically between 12am – 3am have the most
clicks. The general consensus is that the earlier in the day your send your message, the better. You will benefit from sending newsletters earlier
in the week and also from keeping your subject line to 15 characters or less. Research shows that Banking and Non-profit companies have the highest
rate of opens (16.1%), while Consulting and Consumer companies have the highest rate of clicks (4.3%). Of note, regularity is also key when maintaining
a newsletter. You want to make sure you send your email at the same time on the same day every month or week or with whatever regularity you have chosen.

Lastly, you want to test how the newsletter will be received before sending. Send a version to yourself through a couple of different mediums (Yahoo!,
Google, AOL) and in a couple of different formats (HTML, text). Finally, ensure that the address from which you are distributing your newsletter is
a reputable one. People are far less likely to open a document from a a source they do not trust. By using this information and applying these tips,
you can make the most of your newsletter and increase your chances of reader consumption.

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