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Optimize your Thank You Pages

Thank you pages are those handy pages that pop up after a user fills out a form on your site. They confirm for the user that the form was submitted successfully, and they often end there. 

However, having a boring, “thank you, your form has been submitted” is really a waste of a guaranteed chance to be in front of your audience with targeted messaging. 

Anyone who has bothered to fill out a form on your website is a hot target. They are engaged, interested, and taking action. Why stop them at a dead end after they fill out a form to get in touch with you? 

Depending on what form they have filled out, the thank you page you serve should provide them with other relevant calls to action to do more. Did they fill out a contact form? Provide them with a sign up for your newsletter where they can receive regular information about your business or your industry. Perhaps also provide them with phone numbers to relevant contacts they can speak to today. Did they request a quote? Link them through to additional pages that may be of interest based on the page on which they filled the form. 

Thank you pages only display when a user is engaged. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to tell your users more and help them to engage further.

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