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Optimize Your Hashtag Campaign

With more than 75 million daily users and almost 30% of the United States population as members, Instagram has proven itself as a social medium not to
be ignored. How can you harness this vast popularity to the benefit of your company? Follow these simple tips to successfully launch a hashtag campaign.

  1. User-generated content is at the heart of Instagram. There is a constant flow of engagement and information, coming straight from the customer. There
    is no better way to validate your business and your product than to have regular validation come from the very people using it, not to mention
    the variety of content available in this medium: words, pictures, and further looped campaigns.
  2. Start using a “social high five.” Whenever a user contributes to your hashtag campaign, acknowledge your appreciation by publicly thanking them or
    re-posting their Instagram. This simple move will encourage the user to contribute more, and may show others the benefits of posting to your account.
  3. Make the jump from Instagram to your business website easy and intuitive. These days, the bridge between a social network of any sort and the world
    of e-commerce has grown stronger. This technique is best applied to companies selling items such as clothing or electronics that are largely based
    on consumer review. Increasing on-site traffic through product links leading from your Instagram account to your main website will boost awareness
    of your product and therefore the likelihood of purchase.
  4. Use Instagram influencers as business partners. Established Instagram users have great power in influencing other users. Have a sub-campaign where
    users travel to specified locations using your product and posting about it along the way. Make in-store connections with posters uploading images
    or blurbs about products from in-store locations all over. User influence can boost both actual sales as well as information seeking behaviors.
  5. User-generated content sub-campaigns can stimulate enormous increases in user engagement, creating an exciting and rewarding experience for users in
    general. Creating a hashtag targeting a certain product or aspect of a product, and inviting users to contribute all sorts of visual content to
    become a part of that campaign, can lead to wild success. This process intrigues users, gives them small pieces of fame, and acknowledges them
    as needed consumers.
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