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Need Long-Tail Keywords? Try This.

There is only so much search engine optimization (SEO) that you can do before it seems you have run your bank of long-tail keywords dry. Developing innovative
and productive keywords can be a real challenge. We have a simple tip that has been in front of your eyes that whole time. 

By using the search suggestions generated by the Google “Searches Related To” feature, you can widely expand your list of keywords. Just type in your keyword
and search, as usual. Then scroll down to the very bottom of the page to check the “Searches Related To” section. You will see here a generated list
of long-tail keywords that are based on a combination of sources. 

First, Google has used your original search to find similarly themed keywords. In addition, the list produced here incorporates the wealth of information
from users and what they search for most often, within the realm of your original search. The keywords produced will likely have a long tail, making
them less competitive for SEO and very important to target. Even better, occasionally a keyword will appear on this list that is directly related to
your original search, but not just a new variation of that original search. This is gold, and will surely help you expand your keyword targets. 

Not only are these great ideas for long-tail keywords that you can target, but clicking on these search terms will yield new “Searches Related To” results
and possibly more long-tail keywords. Just by following each of the suggested searches, you can find more and more branches of keyword ideas related
to your business and targeted audience. By checking Google “Searches Related To” at the bottom of your search result when you type in any of your keywords,
you can greatly boost your wealth of keywords.

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