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Metadata for Search

In the area of Search Engine Optimization metadata is important to consider. Metadata provides information about what exists on a page. It identifies what content exists in header tags, what keywords are considered relevant to the content, and what description of a page a website administrator wants to have appear in Google’s search results listings. This data helps search engines to correctly sort and catalog pages, and it is hidden from the view of the users. The term metadata has two different areas it describes: structural metadata and descriptive metadata. Structural metadata looks at the design and specifications of data structures. This is commonly referred to as “data about the containers of data.” Descriptive data looks at individual instances of content. This is commonly referred to as “data about data content” or “content about content.” Metadata is important to a business because it aids customers in finding your company’s website. The metadata helps the search engines to serve your site to users based on relevance to their searches. When working with metadata remember the three main components to be sure you have included are are title, description, and keywords.

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