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Meta Descriptions are Still Relevant

Meta descriptions, or those little blurbs that show up under a website name on a search engine results and offer a brief description of the site, are a
must. While the brief look into a website’s content is not particularly helpful for SEO, it is indispensible when it comes to encouraging clicks. These
blurbs can make or break a user’s decision to actually visit a site, and having the right information in this context can be the swaying factor. 

Many users use this sentence to decide whether the given site is what they are actually looking for. A well-worded meta description shows the user just
what they wanted to find. All of this proves the importance of meta descriptions as conversion factors, rather than factors in the ranking game. 

Following from this logic, there are three main reasons why website developers ought to create and use meta descriptions. First, as stated above, the words
chosen to be in your meta description are available to catch the attention of the individual using the search engine. Every word searched for will
be bolded in this description along with the search title. The better you get at placing primary keywords into your meta description, the more likely
it is that you will attract a user. 

Second, a strong meta description is what viewers will see whenever you share a page on a social network. The first portion of a post or page might be
cut off, but the meta description will be visible and is therefore the most certain way for you to get the message of your site out there. 

Finally, social bookmarking networks follow the same rules as above. They will display your meta description as the description of your entire page, giving
you the most control when you use this space correctly. Use words of value for powerful language, add language that serve as calls to action like “click
here,” and test them to see how they look and how many click-throughs they generate. Meta descriptions are small, but can be very powerful for your
website and we recommend using them for all of their benefits. A lack of description or sloppy meta descriptions can actually really hurt your website

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