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Marketing from Head to Paw with Leash Links

by Kavya Sebastian

How Champ Helped Build the Leash Links Brand from Start to Finish

Leash Links is a dog-product company transforming the art of dog walking by introducing a unique line of innovative products inspired by their founders’
own struggles to have a well-behaved dog while leash walking. They created their patent-pending Leash Link products so pet parents can finally walk
their dog safely and look sharp doing so.

The four founders came to us with their innovative and niche product idea with no name, no branding – nothing. Starting from scratch, the brand now known
as Leash Links began with just a product, and they needed help bringing their business to life.

The client needed a well-rounded team who could guide them through business development, branding, website design, social media strategy, Google advertising
and SEO, and organic content creation on nearly all channels.


With a patent-pending product idea, the Leash Links team came to Champ for help with marketing and business development from head to, well, paw.

The team needed help to develop their brand from scratch and eventually launch their product, but they also needed input and strategy well beyond marketing.
In that sense, Champ not only became the entire marketing arm for Leash Links but assisted with business development and consulting as well.


Since the client needed Champ’s full-service suite, the first and most important element was to develop brand standards which everything else would ultimately
be centered around. As a friendly and innovative brand, Leash Links wanted to target new pet owners who might be walk-training their pups or pet parents
and dog walkers with struggle managing their daily walks. This informed Champ’s creative team in developing brand standards, including the business
name, tagline, logo, color palette, and typography. We even created a custom animated gif of the Leash Links logo to be used in personal assets, such
as in B2B email communications and newsletter campaigns.

Our creative team worked on a mood board throughout the branding process to deliver both the visual elements and the emotional appeal of the brand to the
client. With this in mind, our design team was able to translate the brand into preliminary collateral, such as business cards, packaging design, and
miscellaneous merchandise, like keychains.

With the Leash Links brand fully developed, the Champ team helped strategize and guide the client to get them online – even without a fully built website.
To do this, we designed a temporary landing page prior to web development to have a place to send customers to while we fleshed out other parts of
the business.

Our SEO team helped establish a foundation for this by conducting keyword research and competitor analysis to create an effective landing page and also
help inform organic content for the website strategy.

In doing this, Champ was able to send interested customers to the landing page via social media while our web designers got to work on the website. The
Champ social media team set up and optimized all social media accounts for Leash Links, including profiles and bios as well as custom branded assets
such as Instagram highlight covers, profile banners, display photos, and so on.

We created organic content and implemented strategies to grow a meaningful presence on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These strategies
included in-depth competitive analysis, follower strategy, and influencer recommendations and outreach.


While we pushed organic content to build an audience on social media, we also built out an e-commerce site for Leash Links. The site incorporated elements
such as a custom tutorial support page, a media and gallery page for videos and testimonials, and a My Account feature for customers to login and access
their order history, order tracking, and easy returns. It also had standard e-commerce features, such as Add to Cart functionality, reviews, individual
product pages, and more. All of these pages involve our team of writers who helped with website copy to deliver a captivating product story throughout
any given site visitor’s path within the site.

Each page was custom-designed by a designer on our team to meet the client’s needs, which also involved custom graphics and visual elements of products
all over the site. Additionally, Champ assisted with the hosting of Leash Links’ site and additional web support as needed.

As we wrapped up the Leash Links website and began to promote its launch on all social channels, we began to implement a launch strategy. This involved
utilizing all of the client’s existing marketing channels to drive traffic to their website and generate conversions.

On social media, this meant creating and managing Facebook and Instagram product catalogs to create organic shoppable content with a low-friction experience
as well as paid advertising to get in front of more people. Leash Links saw an impressive lift in visibility and brand awareness through social media
paid advertising. Given the niched-down nature of the product, this was a major win for the brand so early on in the game.

Our SEO team also ran Google ads in tandem with social media advertising. This included Search and Shopping ads to lift brand awareness and drive users
to the Leash Links shop. These ads helped drive several high-quality leads to convert and resulted in over 390K impressions.

Our team also provided multimedia support in the avenues of video and photography in both content and strategy. For instance, we edited before and after
case study videos that were featured on both the website and social media. We also provided our own product and lifestyle photoshoots for Leash Links,
which included holiday-specific custom product photography and pup-fluencer images for use on social media.

Additionally, Champ’s management team supported Leash Links through business development consulting throughout the entire client experience, including
B2B strategy for Leash Links’ products to be sold in local and chain stores, and overall sales strategies, such as getting on other marketplace platforms
like Amazon and eBay.

From branding, website design and development, social media management, SEO/SEM, and business development, Champ’s Boston-based team launched the Leash
Links brand from start to finish with the right foundation in place to help them succeed.

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