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Making the Move to Mobile Email Marketing

More than half of emails were opened on some type of mobile device last year, and the majority of people reportedly check emails exclusively on their device. One report even presented that 75% of responders admit to deleting an email if they cannot view it properly on their smartphone. 

While many marketers are hesitant to put in the work and make the switch to mobile email, it bodes well for those who make the change. Keep these five simple best practices in mind when entering the world of mobile email marketing:

1) Text size. Any text that you have in a mobile email should be shorter and clearer in content than is demanded by a typical computer. Additionally, this text must be an appropriate size as to be readable. A standard size would be 22 pixels for any headline and 14 pixels for non-headlining text.

2) Email subject lines. Set yourself a limit of about five to six words for any subject line for a mobile email. Not only is there a display limit in this format, but also readers are less likely to attend to longer titles and might miss your main selling point.

3) Calls to action or CTAs. A call to action is any sort of instruction that suggests a prompt response, often a button or banner on a website asking a user to click it (e.g. “Find a store near you.”). On a mobile platform, a CTA should be about 44×44 pixels. This supports simple navigation and any extra space that the design provides will increase the ease of clicking for the user.

4) Adaptable landing pages. Any landing page included in your mobile inbox must be adaptable to the mobile format. You want to avoid having a user come to a page that is difficult to negotiate in the middle of their journey through becoming a paying customer. This might bore them or deter them from continuing.

5) Take your mobile version for a test run. There is no better way to make sure your mobile email works properly than to test it out. When your message demands a response in order to be effective, any glitch in the process will eliminate your chances of success. Test out your message before sending it out to ensure that no links are missing in the chain.

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