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Making the Most of Reviews

The most important way in which to harness the power and influence of customer reviews is for the brand to retain control over the process. 

On average, Internet users read about 11 reviews before deciding to buy or not to buy a product. So why are reviews important? Well, people who read and
take note of reviews are making good shopping decisions. In an online atmosphere, customers are unable to try a product and therefore must rely on
others description and criticism. For you as a business, this will hopefully mean greater customer satisfaction and less customer services issues down
the road.

An online customer review holds a lot of weight and can thus be very beneficial. Most people who write reviews do so to help fellow consumers and often
a negative product feature for one might be an insignificant detail for another. Furthermore, when a bad review comes in, make the most of it! Companies
that address issues raised in customer reviews are more likely to better their products, satisfy customers, and build a good reputation. 

Especially when you are running a lesser known business, reviews can be indispensable for alleviating customer concern about your product. Generate more reviews to provide ample evidence that what you are selling is worth it. Offer samples or prizes for customers who provide reviews. Start testing groups to try and react to your product. 

Finally, every company must understand that there will naturally be both good and bad reviews. They should all be addressed and by making the most of every kind of critique, your business and have an advantage, no matter the consumer reaction.

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