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Make Sure Your Company Has Google My Business

These days, Google is the go-to for most users who are looking for a local service or business from which to buy a product. 

Many people will also use Google Maps to find businesses in their geographical area when they are conducting their search. If you do not have a profile for your business on Google My Business then you are seriously missing out. 

Simply having a page is not enough though, you should set up your Google My Business Page (or claim it if it already exists) and then optimize it for users to ensure that they want to learn more about what you do or come see your business themselves. 

Your profile should contain relevant information such as your full address, hours of operation, phone and website. It should also include relevant information about your business to allow users to quickly get a sense of what you do at a glance. If at all possible, your profile should have high quality imagery of your location, your products, or your service in action. It should also place you in the most relevant possible business category. 

Fill in all of the elements that Google provides you as completely as possible.
Once your page is clean and complete, you should try to encourage reviews from happy customers if you can. Its unethical to compensate customers for their reviews, but it’s perfectly acceptable to let them know that it would be a great way for them to help you if they are telling you how happy they are.
If you are a local business targeting a specific geographical area, your Google My Business page should be your first stop for increasing traffic to your website and business.

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