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Lightin’ Up Lightwave Recruiting

by Kavya Sebastian

How Champ Helped Transform the Lightwave Recruiting Brand


Lightwave Recruiting is a boutique recruiting agency offering permanent, temporary and hybrid placement services to employers and exclusive career opportunities
to job seekers.

In 2019, then known as Lightwave Partners, the client only had a one-page website. In trying to engage and connect with their customers, they realized
that they needed to make some major changes. So, the team came to us looking for a complete brand transformation. They wanted to better reach and connect
their dual audiences of individual job seekers and enterprises with job openings.


With only one page for a website and a brand that felt outdated to the team, Lightwave wanted to refresh their entire branding with more focus on their
target audiences. Beyond just a new visual brand, they needed more strategy behind their marketing efforts.

The solution? We scrapped everything from “Lightwave Partners” and started fresh.



Our Champ team began to create a completely new brand from scratch for Lightwave. We started with a more direct and accurate name: Lightwave Recruiting.
With this came a new color palette, new font suite, and new logo.

As with all our branding projects, we had our design team run through moodboarding and various iterations of branding with the client to select the perfect
new identity. The most unique part of this project was that as we worked on a rebrand, the client actually renovated their office and wanted to implement
their brand into the new space.

This meant we not only designed and developed an entirely new brand for Lightwave Recruiting, but we were also able to help with on-brand interior design.
Our team assisted with everything from paint brand and color selections to designing assets for office decor and print materials including stickers,
mugs, notebooks, pens, and more.


With the new brand implemented online and in-office, we prepared high-quality digital and print assets to help the Lightwave team implement their new brand
strategy across all touchpoints.

To do this, we brought in a member of our team to do a professional photoshoot at the new Lightwave office and showcase the client’s company culture. From
headshots and team photos to filler images and working photos, this set Lightwave up to have high-quality assets for their social media and website.

We also set up a new email system for the team with custom domain emails and custom-designed email signatures to tie their brand values into their digital
communications. Our team also updated all of their existing social platforms to reflect the new brand and provided basic social media strategy recommendations
to get Lightwave Recruiting started on their own.

With a new brand identity and the tools to execute it, we moved the project forward into Website Design & Development. Our developers began by replacing
Lightwave’s original one-page website with a temporary landing page to establish an online presence while we worked on their full website.

This landing page included SEO-driven content around the industries the client serves. We identified their unique selling point and the various specialties
that they provide job support for. The team also added an embedded contact form that allowed for streamlined communication between Lightwave and their
partner clients and customers.

After establishing a foundation presence through the temporary landing page, our team got to work. We designed and developed an in-depth, 8+ page WordPress
website. This site is fully functional on desktop and mobile and has a full job board that allows the client to update it in the backend by themselves.

The website is user-friendly on both sides, so the client can make changes without our help and leads can apply for jobs right on their website. Potential
partner clients can also contact them for staffing solutions.

The site includes a full blog and has 8 inner pages alone. We also assisted with newsletter sign-up forms and features, including setting up the client’s
Mailchimp account so they could implement email marketing on their own.


Not only did we create a beautiful website and custom-designed assets to help them succeed, but we also equipped them with the tools they need to be self-sufficient
in their marketing efforts. By empowering them with these digital marketing tools, Champ gave Lightwave recruiting a world of opportunity as they started

Having worked with them for so many years also gives us pride in our client relationships as an agency. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching a
long-time client and friend thrive in their industry.

From branding, website design and development, social media management, SEO/SEM, and business development, Champ’s Boston-based team helped Lightwave Recruiting
step into a new chapter for their business.

If you’re interested in working with a team that has you covered at every corner of your business, get in touch with us today.

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