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Leveraging Your Competitive Landscape

At Champ, we start nearly every project with a deep competitive analysis. Whether you are building a new website or launching your first social media campaign, it is essential to know who your competitors are and what they are doing before you begin. 

Sometimes your competitors will be marketing in spaces you hadn’t thought of or targeting different keyphrases. You need to analyze these behaviors in
order to determine whether it would bring you an appropriate ROI to jump in that competitive pool with them. Sometimes you’ll see your competitors
doing things that really don’t look like they are working in their execution, this can help you to avoid the same mistakes they are making.

The actions of your competition will not only provide guidance on what to do or not do with your marketing, they will also help you to better define your
audience and your differentiators and thus to empower your sales team to go after more targeted goals. If they know exactly who they are up against
in the marketplace, it’s much easier for sales professionals to differentiate themselves and have an answer for every prospect query.

Don’t just sit in a vacuum with your business as you try to grow. Make sure you can keep the competition in your rear-view by positioning yourself correctly
in your market.

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