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Leverage Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights provides a great deal of information about your audience and their behavioral patterns. Much of this information is
critical for running successful advertisements on this medium. By following these steps, you can fully benefit from this feature. After you have opened
the Audience Insights Tool in the Ads Manager on Facebook, select your audience. The audience selection is broken down into “everyone on Facebook,”
“people connected to your page,” and “a custom audience,” with the most information available in the broadest category. Then, you will further define
your audience with descriptors such as: age, gender, behaviors, language, relationship status, politics, life events, education, and more. 

The results of this query will provide a list of top categories relevant to your audience, most popular pages, as well as pages broken down by relevance
and affinity. Relevance refers to pages that are most likely to appeal to your audience resulting from data on page size, affinity, and likes that
already exist, whereas affinity refers to the odds a person in your audience will like a specific page compared to everyone else on Facebook. Keep
an eye on the size of your seeded audience numbers. When the selection is too big or small, Facebook Insights will find too much irrelevant information
or not enough information, respectively.

From your data, you can make a list of the specific organizations, interests, brands, websites, and more that are shared among your audience. Using this
information, you can tailor your ads to the behaviors of your audience. You can also assess details like time of day that your target audience is most
active on Facebook, to ensure that you are only paying for your ads to run at these most productive times. All of this information gathered from Facebook
Insights provides you with a list of strategies to improve your ad targeting. Take a look at your Facebook Insights information today and save yourself
time and money with targeted, productive advertising.

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