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Let There Be…Voice Searching

The voice searching capabilities of devices must not be overlooked. Now one of the most commonly used features, voice searching seems second nature and has proven very useful. 

Whether a person dislikes typing, has trouble doing so, or is simply trying to multi-task, the voice search command provides a simple and intuitive solution.
Individuals who are searching for a local business from the car, or someone looking for a local grocery store in the middle of cooking a big dinner
for guests, all benefit from the power of voice searching. Businesses like stores or restaurants, services like pest control or plumbers, and products
like furniture and computers, can all be found easily using the voice search command. 

What this means for the bigger picture is that businesses need to think about voice commands when creating a website. Many companies might be overlooked
with the voice search if they are not designed to be compatible with this tool. Keywords that are used on a website need to match phrases that are
friendly with voice search technology. 

Additionally, it is not uncommon for follow up questions to be used with voice searching in order to better direct the results that come up. If a designer
puts effort into predicting the search paths that might occur, a website can be catered to these possibilities. This means that the site would be more
likely to pop up at the top of the list when a related business, service, or product is searched for using the voice search command. 

Business owners everywhere must begin to take this newer search method seriously in order to optimize their chances of raking high in the voice search world. Voice searching is only going to become more popular. Consider how your website could fit in with the growing trend and increase your chances of popping up when your business is requested by voice.

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