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Launching a site? Have a checklist.

Here are the major elements of a website that should be carefully checked before you go live:

  1. Review – Make sure to look through all of the incoming links that are connecting your current site to your old site to guarantee that all relevant content is carried over. This step is vital to a successful migration. Be sure you are not using any absolute links to pages that will no longer exist.
  2. Keywords – The keywords that you built into your copy must be relevant to your business in order to build SEO properly. 
  3. Visibility – Make all of your social media connections very visible in order to boost engagement with the new site. 
  4. Structure – In order to benefit your user, make navigation of your site work with the content of what your site is about. Also, allow the structure to match the content as well, boosting relevance and ease of use. 
  5. Images – Incorporate alt tags and descriptions into your images in order to boost SEO and ensure there is more information available for each user. 
  6. Google Limits – Double check the limits and regulations set forth by Google for meta data titles and descriptions for pages. It is important to be in line with these regulations and be considered appropriate by Google. 
  7. Redirects – Any site that already exists must have a permanent 301 redirect. This guarantees that valuable features like rankings and existing traffic history does not disappear in the migration. 
  8. Sitemap – Create a new XML sitemap to submit to Google. This spiders all of your new pages and is important for launch success. 
  9. Finally, Test! – Once your site is launched, the work does not stop. Testing of your new site after official launch is by far the most important step. In order to catch any mistakes, big or small, a regular test run of your site will point out features that are excelling along with those faults that could use work. Click every link, view every page, check every image. Get a fresh pair of eyes on the site to conduct testing to be sure nothing is missed.