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Keeping your SEM Competitive

By downloading competitive intelligence tools or signing a contract with a website design company, you can get the upper hand on the marketing competition for your audience. 

One method by which this is accomplished is by keyword research. Using competitive intelligence databases, you can identify keywords by breakdown of how
many advertisers there are and how many ads. This method can introduce your business to new keywords that competing businesses are using, and can align
you among your competitors to see how you compare (i.e. how much work needs to be done). 

Another way in which website design companies might look into your status is ad copy research. Ad copy research involves sorting competitors’ advertisements
by success rate and seeing them all in one place. Again, this can be a resource for ideas. Specifically, this gives a company insight into what techniques
lead to more clicks. 

A third method is landing page research. By investigating how your competitors are strategizing their landing pages, you can be inspired to try new optimization
techniques yourself. Competitor alerts also serve as a successful way to monitor and learn from the competition. What competitor alerts do is send
out notifications when any competing advertiser alters their advertising campaign in some way. This tool keeps you one step ahead and allows you to
out-do, or at least match, the offers being put forth by your competition. 

Finally, monitoring your keywords can be perhaps the simplest and most effective method to keep ahead. When a competitive intelligence tool or a website
design company engages in keyword monitoring, they set it up so alerts are sent out whenever there is a significant change to a specific keyword (an
advertiser may change a campaign or a new offer is made). With this information, a business can target more relevant keywords as they become apparent. 

Putting together all of the above techniques, a business can gain quite an advantage over the other advertisers are competing. In order to know whether
you are winning the game, it is important to know who else is playing and how.

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