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Keep Up with your Email Marketing

Putting all of your digital marketing efforts toward daily maintenance of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media accounts is common marketing practice these days. 

However, the power of simple email must not be forgotten. Email retains the highest success rate for drawing in customers when compared to social media
mediums. One way to harness this power is a simple reminder. A lot of people today do the equivalent of window shopping online, packing things into
their carts and leaving them there for another time. This can be a strategy to remember desired items or just a method of controlling spending. Either
way, people risk forgetting that these items are sitting, waiting for purchase. By sending reminder emails when a consumer has items in his or her
online cart, retailers can successfully push people through the purchasing process. 

Another way in which email can be utilized is as a quick way to build rapport with clientele. Pre-set automated messages that thank people for a purchase
or notify them of an item similar to previous purchases. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make these messages personalized and targeted,
making the receiver feel unique and more than just a name on a list. 

Email is also an excellent way to easily identify and contact potential customers. If someone has attended a webinar or downloads a whitepaper, you can create a list from the available emails that are automatic follow-ups, designed to focus on a particular product or specific information. Be sure to set an appropriate cadence. You do not want to overwhelm the customer with constant contact. You also do not want them to forget who you are or why they like buying from your company. Set a schedule ahead of time with a specific plan for number of contacts. 

By putting all of these simple methods together, your business can maintain an excellent email marketing program and will be more likely to draw in customers.